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        Welcome to Xiamen Peaks Electric Co., Ltd official website
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        CT Open Circuit Protector
        Inthe electrical power system, the current transformer is widely used in theprimary measur…
        Multiple-unit Rectifier Bridge
        The product will place the multiple-unit bridge-type rectifying circuit in thecavity made …
        Single-unit Rectifier Bridge
        The product will place the bridge-type rectifying circuit in the cavity made byhigh-intens…
        Armor Comb
        Itis used to trim and protect the wire in the switchgear and equipped withaccessories.
        Contact Information:

        Xiamen Peaks Electric Co., Ltd.

        South 4F, No.25 Xiangyue road, Xiangan Park, Torch Hi-tech Zone, Xiamen, P.R.C


        Phone:+86 592 7806066,7806566