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        Welcome to Xiamen Peaks Electric Co., Ltd official website
        Electrical Accessary
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        TS12 Series Of Auxiliary Switches
        TS12 series of auxiliary switches is specially designed forindication and control of signa…
        TS11-001 Micro Switch
        TS11-001 series of micro switches can be used in the circuit with rated working voltageof …
        TS10 Series Of Micro Switches
        TS10 series of micro switches can be used in the circuit withrated working voltage of AC25…
        EML10 Series Of Electromagnetic Lock
        EML10 series of indoor electromagnetic lock is a kind of electrically controlledinterlocki…
        CT Series Mechanical Counter
        CT series mechanical counter is designed for the working situation of counting the operati…
        EM Rotary Solenoid
        It is special slideway on the rotary solenoid caseand gag bit piece , the steel ball roll …
        EM Series Solenoid
        Peaks trademark open frame solenoidcan get maximal force with minimum sizeand weight.The p…
        Contact Information:

        Xiamen Peaks Electric Co., Ltd.

        South 4F, No.25 Xiangyue road, Xiangan Park, Torch Hi-tech Zone, Xiamen, P.R.C


        Phone:+86 592 7806066,7806566