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        Welcome to Xiamen Peaks Electric Co., Ltd official website
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        FALR10-09 Series Of Fault Alarms
        FALR10-04 seriesof panel-type fault alarms are installed on the cabinet. Simple, compact a…
        FALR10-04 Series Of Fault Alarms
        Installed on the cabinet, FALR10-04series of panel-type faultalarms can realize the maximu…
        FS Series Multi-way Blower Status Relay
        By monitoring load current to judge whether the blower works normally . The blower status …
        Current Relay CS10-S
        The CS10-S is a low cost,fixed set point,LED indicator current switch designed for appli…
        BMC Series Blower Controller With Monitoring
        By monitoring primary side current of switchgear, con-trol running and stopping the coolin…
        Monitor On Line For Surge Arrester MIMD10
        The MIMD10 series monitor on line for surge arrester, it?s including 3 sensor mounted bet…
        Monitoring Unit For Switchgear SAC10-03
        SAC10-03 Monitoring Unit for Switchgear can be used for directly observing imaging of corr…
        FALR10-16 Series Of Fault Alarms
        FALR10-16 series panel-mounted fault annunciator is designed to be mounted on panel of swi…
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        Xiamen Peaks Electric Co., Ltd.

        South 4F, No.25 Xiangyue road, Xiangan Park, Torch Hi-tech Zone, Xiamen, P.R.C


        Phone:+86 592 7806066,7806566