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        Welcome to Xiamen Peaks Electric Co., Ltd official website
        Montor-driving Mechanism Controller
        Energy-storage Motor Protection Unit PU10 Sereis
        Energy-storage motor protection unit can cut off power when storagemotor stall occurs, so …
        Motor Controller Of Three Position Switch TPMC-20
        TPMC-20 Three Position Switch Motor-driven Operated Control-ler is used for controling the…
        ERC-20 Series Controller
        ERC series controller is used for control and pro-tection of motor-driven mechanism , it w…
        LRC31 Controller
        Itis used to control opening and closing of theelectrically operated mechanism ofswitches …
        TRC-10 Series Controller
        TRC series controller is used for control and pro-tection of motor-drivenmechanism , it wi…
        MD20 Series Controller
        MD-20 Truck Motor Controller, which with local and remote operation mode, is used for cont…
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        Xiamen Peaks Electric Co., Ltd.

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